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MEETING NOTES: October 23, 2021 The Bike Shop, Leeds, AL
In attendance:
Kris Cook
Rodney Green
Fred Johnson
Gia Johnson
Josh Hawthorne
Ira “Cowboy” Jones
Brenda Matney
Justin Matney
Matthew Schroeder
Carolyn Schroeder
Blythe Joslin
Nate Hawthorne
There was no Zoom link for this meeting.
Kris passed out notes from the last meeting and a treasurer’s report. No exceptions were noted. Cowboy moved to approve, Blythe seconded, motion approved. The above documents are now on record.
Discussion by Matt: On October 9, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law that will effectively ban the sale of gas-powered small off-road engines (spark-ignited engines rated at or below 25 hp) many of which are used in lawn and garden equipment such as mowers, as well as logging equipment, commercial utility equipment and specialty vehicles. The bill, AB1346, authored by Assemblyman Marc Berman, directs the California Air Resources Board to ban the sale of new small off-road engines used in equipment which includes generators, lawn equipment, and other small off-road engine equipment. Regulations are to be in place by Jan. 1, 2024, or as soon as regulators determine what is “feasible,” whichever date is later. We noted that where California goes, there is a chance that the nation will follow. And as it goes with regulation for gas powered engines less than 25 hp, so might it go with small motorcycles and mopeds. This is in the future, but we need to watch it.
Matt discussed US Congress Senate Bill 2736, the RPM Act Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports. This act would exempt competition vehicles from anti-tampering provisions. This bill has been read twice and has been referred to the Committee on Environment and Public Works.
Fred, our Education Director, is working with Cat Terwilliger of North Carolina on our drivers ed module. The goal is to have it taught in every drivers’ ed class, with or without us coming in to teach it.
We should ally with bicycle groups when we are working on legislation that concerns both groups. Matt has a contact in Gadsden and Kris has a contact in Birmingham.
The State Park Challenge is ongoing. The prize will be awarded at the December 18th meeting.
Matt had recently been to an ALCOC meeting, where Animal had reminded all of his members to fill out the Profiling Project survey every year. The Rodens were there too, and they talked about underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage. Look at your declaration pages on your insurance policies and see if the coverage is “stacking.” If you have that coverage on your car and it is, it
may provide coverage for your injuries if you are hit by an at-fault uninsured driver, even if you don’t have a policy on your motorcycle. Call your agent or an attorney to figure this out BEFORE you need to know.
From the MRF: October 22, 2021: the U.S. Department of Transportation released an interactive website with data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS). This system holds a huge amount of data and can be useful. The MRF reminds us that it is all for NO crashing versus SAFER crashing. Keep your skills sharp.
Blythe gave the webmaster’s report. She can give very detailed statistics about our website and how many links are clicked.
Cowboy has a fund raising idea – shirts with LIFE MEMBER down the sleeve, available to Life Members only. Tabled for further planning.
KC made the motion that Dixie ABATE buys a first-year MRF membership for new life members. Matt 2nd, motion carried. Memberships will be purchased for Ira “Cowboy” Jones and Josh Hawthorne.
Our next meeting is at the Original Oyster House, 3733 Battleship Parkway, Spanish Fort, AL 36527, at 2 PM on Saturday, December 18.