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Dixie ABATE’s primary focus is on Awareness (teaching motorists to be aware of motorcycles that share the road with them) and Education (teaching motorists HOW to safely share the road with motorcycles, and stressing to riders how important it is to keep working on their skill set). We also work with our Alabama State Senators and House Representatives on issues that face us in Montgomery. We concentrate first on eliminating rider fatalities and secondly on opposing laws that restrict our freedoms, which are generally imposed by interests who have no idea what riding a motorcycle is all about.

Dixie ABATE Documents

Congressional Motorcycle Safety Caucus   PDF
Miscellaneous Motorcycle Statistics with Sources   PDF
Rider Training Courses offered in Alabama   PDF
Registered motorcycles in Alabama   PDF
Alabama Motorcycle Safety Summary   PDF
Demystifying the Motorcycle Abbreviations   PDF
Motorcycle Insurance Discounts   PDF

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

FY Alabama Annual Budget 2010   PDF
FY 2012 NHTSA Budget Estimates   PDF
NHTSA’s 2012 Calendar for Communications and Safety Weeks   PDF
Motorcyclist Safety Grant Program   PDF
Motorcycle Safety: a Survey of State Programs   PDF
Uniform Guidelines for Highway Safety – Motorcycle Safety 2006   PDF
National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety   PDF
Crash Statistics Alabama 2004-2010   PDF

Federal Legislation

Federal Legislation: Link to SAFETEA-LU   Link To Website
U.S. Code Chapter 1: Federal Aid – Highways   PDF

Other States Programs

Idaho FY 2011 Highway Safety Performance Plan   PDF
Transportation Review: Motorcycle Safety   PDF


2007: National Motorcycle Safety Grant Awardees   PDF
eLobbyist link: National Bills filed re: motorcycles   Link To Website
MSF Grant Application (NAMS)   PDF


Brittany Morrow’s website   Link To Website
eLobbyist link: National Bills filed re: motorcycles   Link To Website
Bill introduced April 2011 re: Licensing requirements for young riders   Link To Website
Motorcycle Safety: How to save lives and save money   Link To Website
Motorcycle Crash-Related Data   Link To Website
Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle Safety   Link to Website