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MEETING NOTES: February 20, 2021    Gaston Lee VFW Fairhope, AL

In attendance:

Matthew Schroeder

Shane Coker

Kris Cook

Rodney Green

Fred & Gia Johnson

Cowboy and Patty Jones

Michael Stieber

Kat “MommaKat” Zimmer

Stephanie Moore & Mike Wilson

Brian Isphording

Richard Comston

John “Chico” Bethea

Carol Robarts

Ed “Juju” Lessard

Gee Jay Jones

Wayne Nunez

Donna Nunez

Larry L

Katie Holm hosted the Zoom meeting.

Kris passed out notes from the last meeting and a treasurer’s report.  No exceptions were noted.  Fred moved to approve, Matt seconded, motion approved. The above documents are now on record.

This meeting was recorded on a Zoom call for later access by link.

We recognized Michael Stieber and Mullinax Ford, who generously donated $250.00

Fred is making a list of all rider training courses available in the state and in neighboring states.  We discussed whether passing the MSF class in another state would count in Alabama, with the MSF and with the Department of Public Safety when there is a requirement for that for getting the M endorsement.  Here is a link for information about Georgia’s riding test and how you can get your M endorsement:

Kris delivered the webmaster’s report for Blythe, as she could not be there.  She has good statistics on how many hits our website is getting.

Matt gave the MRF report and recapped the bills likely to come up in the legislative session this year that could have an impact on us.

We discussed the possibility of having a phone in your hand while driving becoming a primary offense, causing a two point hit to your drivers license.  We talked about legislation concerning electric bicycles, and the different classes of these.

Wayne and Donna Nunez then took the floor and told us about their plans for the MRF’s Meeting of the Minds conference in Atlanta this year, September 23-26.  See the flyer attached to these notes.  They have an app called Sign-up Genius and will give us all a link so that we can sign up to volunteer to fill certain positions for a couple of hours per shift.  If we volunteer 4 hours, we can attend the conference free.  All we have to pay is $25.00 for the Saturday night banquet.  If we are staying in Atlanta, we do have to pay for our own hotel reservations.  The MOTM kicks off at 7 PM Thursday evening.

Donna said we were invited to set up a table in the products room.  This is very generous of Georgia ABATE, and we appreciate it.

The way they raise money for this event is a fund-raising ride from Georgia to New Orleans every year.  This is called the Gina McCloud Memorial Legislative Awareness Ride, and all riders get their bikes sponsored.  It is a good fundraiser.  Dixie ABATE could look at doing a ride like this, and we are invited along when Georgia does their ride too.

We talked about themed rides we could do.

Matt did a report on E-15 pump labeling.


Next meeting is in the H.O.G. room up the hill behind Heart of Dixie Harley Davidson, 333 Cahaba Valley     Parkway N, Pelham, AL  35124, at 2 PM.